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Enjoying the Journey with Executive Coach, Matt Price

What happens when you’ve reached all your goals? You drive a nice car, you’ve got the perfect house, but you’re not fulfilled? Matt Price knows this feeling and it's what led him to start his executive coaching company, Priceless Coaching. He helps high-performing clients level up by maximizing their time and their talent, and ultimately find joy. We’re honored he took time to share his wisdom with us on the blog.

On the Grid: What inspired you to become an executive coach?

Matt Price: I got hit by a truck which was my wake up call. I wanted to connect with clients on a deeper, more personal level than what we were actually talking about in our appointments. I wanted to get to the root cause of what was holding clients back instead of trying to be tactical.

OTG: What are some common areas where executives seek coaching?

MP: People often reach out because they are looking for leadership development for their team and time management.

OTG: On that note, how do you help executives strike a balance between their personal and professional lives?

MP: I help clients find their values. We create a vision of what their life looks like a year from now. Who are you? What’s important? Then prioritize those things on the calendar.

OTG: What sets your coaching apart from others in the industry.

MP: I work with people who have had a track record of success and they’re stuck. They get to the top of the mountain but the feeling of fulfillment isn’t there. The “butterflies in your stomach” nervous/excited feeling is gone. I help clients recognize the importance of those butterflies and create an action plan to get them back.

OTG: What advice do you have for executives who are feeling stuck in their careers?

MP: Do something new. It doesn’t have to be at work. It could be with your church. With a rotary. Seek out something new. I often tell the story of the guy who started Sonos wireless speakers. He got burned out in the process of making them so he took up kickboxing. That new challenge gave him confidence to do other things.

OTG: Can you share a success story of a client you’ve work with?

MP: A client of mine has his financial service license. Last year, he was holding back because of fear of the technology. Through coaching, he is back into meeting with customers on financial services. His passion overcame the challenges and fear of technology.

OTG: How do you measure success of your coaching

MP: Every 90 days we do a check in. We go over what the client said they wanted and where they are at attaining that.

OTG: Any other advice you want to share?

MP: A lot of what I do I learn from Kung Fu Panda. My favorite quote from the movie is, “yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” Yes, we want to achieve, but we also want to enjoy the journey along the way.

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